How to not get eaten by a great white shark

Great White SharkIn honour of Shark Week (arguably one of America’s favourite weeks of the year, according to Zimbio), I would like to resurface some news from earlier in the year:

Expedition White Shark is a new app that allows you to track (several) adult Great White Sharks via satellite.  Scientists from the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI) have fitted Great White Sharks with custom built satellite transmitters, so that we can track them at the same time as the scientists.

Whilst the main aim of the project is to better understand Great White biology and raise awareness of these animals, it is my opinion that this project should be expanded and utilised by all local Surf Life Savers and organisations responsible for tracking sharks off human-infested beaches.

Have a look at the website.  I encourage you to invest in this potentially life-saving app.  (Life saving for you and the sharks.  All-round win!)

Alternatively, Willy Volk of the Huffington Post, a certified Rescue Diver, and Andy Casagrande, an Emmy-winning wildlife cameraman, have a few hints of what to do if you ever find yourself the unwanted interest of one of nature’s top predators.  My suggestion: don’t go where sharks go.  Hope that helps.

Shark Week is an annual event hosted by the Discovery Channel, with 2012 being its 25th year. Huffington Post has a good rundown of news from this week if you’re interested.

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