Mug half full

Hump day has come round again. I have to say, I’m pretty glad it has.  As another victim of that dire visitor, the Annual Winter Cold, I’ve been helping myself to a few too many double chocolate chip cookies recently.  Add that to my newly discovered love for Spanish hot chocolate plus a disinclination for running in the frigid air, and I’m feeling somewhat …stodgy, shall we say.  It’s OK though, because I’m all wrapped up in my favourite blanket (saving on the heating bill and getting toasty warm) and taking it all out in words.

And it’s Wednesday.  Only two more days of the working week to go.  Workers of the world unite in woops of joy!  Or at the very least grab another cup of coffee and give a thoroughly satisfied sigh of relief that you’re another day closer to the weekend.

Having done just that, I’d like to share my best purchase of the month so far.  I’ve finally got around to getting a reusable coffee mug.  This has brightened my day even more than the skinny decaf latte slipping down my throat, because now I can feel good about getting my fix to get me over the hump.

It’s the little changes that you incorporate into daily life that can really make a difference.  And tomorrow is another day, when the sun might even come out.

I’m feeling better already.  How about you?

reusable coffee cup

The highlight of my day: infallible reusable coffee cup

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