Help Persuade Australia to Implement Marine Parks

Save Our Sanctuaries

You may have seen the recent announcement that Australia is going to have the largest network of marine protected areas in the world.

The number of marine reserves around Australia will increase from 27 to 60, expanding the national network to cover more than a third of Commonwealth waters (3.1 million square kilometres). While most of this area will be Marine Park (parts of which still allow forms of commercial and recreational fishing), around 9% of Australia’s territorial waters will now be properly protected to national park standard through the creation of marine sanctuaries. This is a great step forward in marine protection and overall awesome news!

In fact, this news was so good that it was polled as the top decision ever made by the current government, with 70% saying that they approve.

There is a snag, however.  This world first, amazing conservation plan could completely fall through.

We are now undergoing (another) 60-day consultation period where the public, industry, stakeholders, etc., are being asked to comment on the Marine Parks proposal.  If not enough people say “YES,we approve” (or “YES, and we want improvements as well”), Environment Minister Tony Burke could buckle under pressure from the fishing industry and the Liberal Party not to go ahead with the plan.

Please help!

Send an email to Minister Burke today with your message of approval of the plan.

For more information you can download the map of the new marine plan here.

Download a petition sheet and collect signatures to endorse the plan here.

Find out even more about the plan here.

Let’s make sure the government actually goes through with this historic opportunity.  Send your reply before 10th September.

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