SciSun: Oh The Pain

Love this – a lizard that’s actually named Monster could one day help humans to manage diabetes, food cravings and even Alzheimers.  Just goes to show how wonderful the natural world is, and how we must strive to protect what is left, for the sake of plants and animals themselves, as well as for us.


In the 1950’s and ’60’s there were a lot of scifi movies about giant, monstrous animals that attacked people: “The Tarantulas that Terrorized Texas”; “The Ants that Ate Albuquerque”; “The Locusts that wouldn’t Leave Lubbock”; “ The Snails that Slimed Seattle”; and so on. Of course all of those stories weren’t true (except for maybe the ‘Lubbock Locusts’. At the right time of year, there DOES seem to be quite a lot of locusts in Lubbock), and none of these animals are giant beasts determined to destroy humans. In reality all species are just trying their best to survive and live in their environment and overcome daily challenges. There is one animal, though, that people find so uncommon and frightening it even has ‘monster‘ in its name: Heloderma suspectum, the Gila Monster. And although they’ve been burdened with an unfair name, this humble desert lizard isn’t…

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