Namibrand Nature Reserve – Africa’s First International Dark Sky Reserve

How beautiful is this dark sky nature reserve… It’s inspiring that people are conserving all the myriad ways in which we view the world, and indeed the universe.

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Conservation is needed not just on the ground but above us in the sky. Namibia’s NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of Africa’s largest private nature reserves and has expanded its conservation role to include the preserving of the star filled sky above its famous dunes and mountains…

The efforts shown by NamibRand Nature Reserve have earned themselves high honors  as the International Dark-Sky Association have announced the NamibRand Reserve as the worlds newest International Dark Sky Reserve. The Executive Director of the International Dark Sky Association, Bob Parks explains:

“The night sky over the NamibRand Nature Reserve is exceptional, as are the efforts the reserve has taken to modifying its lighting for the sake of its wildlife and visitors”

Dr George Tucker, a retired professor of Physics from the USA identified the NamibRand as a potential Dark Sky Reserve said:

“Viewing the pristine night sky over the NamibRand is an unforgettable experience. Being…

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