What is Sea Change


A sea change is when something is gradually, markedly transformed. The expression comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, when Ariel sings:

“Full fathom five thy father lies,
Of his bones are coral made,
Those are pearls that were his eyes,
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change,
Into something rich and strange”

The term is an idiom used in modern culture, sometimes used to describe minor shifts in policy or opinion. However, its real meaning is that of a profound transformation, often for the better.

So why did I call this blog Sea Change?

It just seemed to fit. How else to describe the way we should view the world, and change the world? I am a marine biologist by training, a British girl living in Australia, soaking up the sunshine (hopefully without a cancerous future) and campaigning for a brighter, better, greener world. Or in my case, bluer. I believe we could see a sea change in our lifetimes. In our generation, or the next one at least. Definitely before World War III breaks out, or water and oil and food runs out, or the next great Mass Extinction wipes out everything other than homo sapiens from our planet. Every day the world is changing, and I like to think it’s for the better. This blog is intended to highlight those things in everyday (and sometimes once-a-lifetime) life that make a difference. Scientific discoveries, eco-living values, political failures (and successes), campaigns, communities, and altogether positive news…

This is my first blog, but I’m certainly hoping it won’t be my last. Unless my computer breaks, or I lose my phone, or all technology dies inexplicably… (Which whilst unlikely, could happen). In the absence of complete loss of sanity however, I hereby declare my intent to write about anything and everything, and if possible keeping it to the realms of environmental, sustainable, conservationist ideas, lifestyle and knowledge.

So hello world, welcome, and here’s to creating a brighter, better future for ourselves and for the planet.

Sunrise over the Pacific

Sunrise over the Pacific. Photo by Emma Gates

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4 thoughts on “What is Sea Change

  1. Chris says:

    Cool stuff. As a rather uninformed peon in the theatre of environmental and conversational politics, I’m looking forward to reading your future insights. Information is power, after all 🙂

  2. seathechange says:

    Thank you. I shall endeavour to make insightful, informative posts for you! 🙂

  3. slowborg says:

    Excellent! Welcome to the sunburnt country, I really look forward to your posts showing up in my Reader c

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